Simple Jèrriais phrases

Here are some of our favourite easy phrases in Jèrriais – try them out on us at our next gig!
For more information about Jèrriais and how to learn click here.
Image inspired by Phil Regan.

Bouônjour = Hello:

Bônsouair = Good evening:

À bétôt et à la préchaine = Goodbye and see you next time:

Santé! = Cheers! (drinking):

Tch’est qu’est tan nom? = What’s your name? (informal):

Man nom est = my name is:

Té pliaît – i’ eune fais à baithe? = Would you like a drink?:

Du bouôn cidre dé Jèrri = Good Jersey cider:

Sâcré bougre! = Bloody hell!:

Sâpré mille pipes! = Good heavens!

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